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A resourceful and passionate Software & Systems Engineer with almost two decades of experience in designing, developing, operating and maintaining software systems at various scales, solving problems in different industries & domains.

I am especially passionate about Developing Large-scale Systems, Linux, Systems Programming, Distributed Systems, and Automation at Scale, as well as Free Software and Open-source Software.

Currently improving the availability, scalability, performance and reliability of Twitter’s production services, in a quest to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.

Worked previously at GoCardless, Levelset, Wuzzuf, Inmobly, 20@, and more!

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Below is a few recommendations I have received from colleagues on Linkedin.

Omar Ali - VP Engineering at Jodel:

Mosab is deft and friendly geek whom I’ve known for over a decade before finally working together in the same team.

Mosab possesses an impressive in-depth knowledge powered by relentless desire to dissect and understand the core of every technology he touches. This prowess allows him to easily digest new technologies and paradigms, ask the right questions, and to excel at managing systems on a large scale. Combining that knowledge with agility gives him the gift of quickly changing lanes with no discourse. Mosab has done that while maintaining a very positive attitude during the toughest times.

It was a true pleasure working with Mosab on daily basis. I would seize the opportunity to work with him again

Alessandro Balasco - Lead Software Engineer in Residence at Oetker Digital GmbH:

Mosab is one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with. He is extremely passionate and dedicated, has a vast knowledge about anything which is related to technology, and he’s always eager to learn more.

He is also a trusted friend who helped me in several occasions.

I would recommend Mosab anytime, he is a great professional who would bring great value to any company.

Evgeny Sinikov - Head of Solution Integration at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd:

I have been with Mosab on a novel project over the course of 9 months where he made a crucial contribution to ensure a scaling, reliable and fault-tolerant system that was able to handle up to a billion transactions a day. His in-depth technical knowledge helped to overcome a number of complex scenarios when dealing with high load traffic in a distributed micro service system.

On a personal note, Mosab was always a delightful conversationalist brining insightful topics which lead to highly stimulating exchanges outside of work settings.

Ibrahim Abdelfattah - Tech Lead / Engineering Manager at Dubizzle:

Mosab is one of the most creative developers I have ever worked with. An open source believer who is always open for new ideas, I love how simple he can get things done.

Omar Badr - IT Director / Independent ICT Consultant:

Mosab is not only an insightful and broad-minded software engineer, but also an inspiring team player, his knowledge is vast and thorough. He is probably one of the best software engineers I’ve ever met in my life and one of the smartest colleagues I’ve ever worked with.

Ahmed Ezzeldin - Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems:

Mosab is one of the best web developers I have worked with. He has a passion for innovation and adopting new technologies especially open source technologies. He also has very good sense of ownership towards the place he works in and knows how to lead a team of developers and motivate them towards the goal of his company. In short, Mosab is both a good developer and a good team leader to hire.

Ali Mansour - TC Producer at Aljazeera Media Network:

Mosab, is one of the most talented delevlopers I’ve ever worked with, he is devoted to his work. He is keen to deliever his work perfectly. Really you can depened on him..

Hesham Zebida - Founder of

Mosab is an very well educated, very well organized, fast-learning and extremely thorough developer with special skills and interests in PHP coding, I have worked with him and I can say he was surprising me all the time by his talented mind and the way he likes his work!

Ahmed Saber - Senior Software Engineer at DinoplusAPI:

Moseb is a great person to work with. He is an excellent player in team work group. We worked together in big project and he showed great dedication to the work even though it was a part time project besides his full time work. I would recommend Moseb without thinking twice.

Ahmed Abdullah - CTO WeCanCam:

He is an intellectual GEEK who can inspire people by his different way of thinking.

Mohammed El Hakim - DevOps Engineer at dunnhumby:

Mosab is a very motivated software engineer who is majorly interested in Open Source software and technology. His constant output has proven his passion for writing code. Mosab can always provide help to colleagues, work under stress and provides necessary communication skills.

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