Over time, I have compiled and distilled a list of lists of useful resources.

If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to send it my way.

Technical Books I Like

  • Data Structures and Algorithms in Python, by Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, and Michael H. Goldwasser.
  • Understanding the Linux Kernel, 3rd Edition, by Daniel P. Bovet, and Marco Cesati.
  • Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, by Brendann Gregg.
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications, by Martin Kleppmann.
  • Advanced Linux Programming, by Mark Mitchell.
  • Linux Kernel Development, by Robert Love.
  • High Performance MySQL, by Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev & Vadim Tkachenko.
  • The Go Programming Language, by Alan A. A. Donovan, and Brian Kernighan.
  • Site Reliability Engineering, edited by Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff, and Niall Richard Murphy.
  • Cracking The Coding Interview, by Gayle Laakman.

If you want to buy me a gift, a book from my technical book wishlist would be awesome!

Other Books I Like

  • The Art of Strategy, by Avinash K. Dixit, and Barry J. Nalebuff.
  • The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • The Everything Store, by Brad Stone.
  • The Pixar Touch, by David A. Price.
  • The Start-up of You, by Reid Hoffman, and Ben Casnocha.
  • The Hacker’s Diet, by John Walker.
  • Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, by Hal Higdon.

Here is my non-technical book wishlist.

Some Courses I Find Interesting

Some Talks I Like

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